Are you looking for a "sock" mate this Valentines? No your eyes are not playing tricks on you we did say sock mate. If you have sicks that Marilyn Moen, Rice Sockare missing its mate than fill it up with 2 cups of uncooked rice, tie a knot at the end and donate it to The Haven. Marilyn Moen, volunteer pictured here, made some of these rice socks along with the help of some friends. She placed a couple of them inside with Joseph, the 12-week old handsome tuxedo dsh kitty who is waiting to be adopted. He loved them!

These rice filled socks are heated in the microwave for a few minutes before placing them in the cage with an adult cat or kitten and help provide them with warmth. Single socks without a mate + 2 cups uncooked rice = warmth for a kitty or cat. Click HERE to view more photos of Marilyn and Joesph.